The Goose Eye Brewers

Dave Atkinson

Joined in 1996, has been running the show for a long time and been doing a brilliant job at it, taken the brewery forward strides at a time and has help create a solid foundation that it can grow further from now.

Jamie Rowell

Joined in 2005, ultra-dedicated and hardworking member of the team, loves his real ale and keeping up to date with current going ons within the trade. Opens the batting for local cricket team Haworth, and also helps run the bar there which proudly stocks Goose Eye Ales!

Joe Atkinson

Joined in 2008, has a keen passion for real ale and is currently playing rugby union for the Keighley Crusaders as a forward, hopes to one day carry on where his father and grandfather left off and keep pushing Goose eye to bigger and better things.

Jack Atkinson

Joined in 2013, Jack plays on the wing for the 1st XV at Keighley Crusaders and is big into his fitness, works hard trains hard and the results show every day.